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Is Lord Mahādeva superior to Lord Krishna? Why does Krishna worship Him?
A hidden gem from the Anushasana Parva of Mabhabharata
Code highlighting, tables and maths with Python markdown
New Year — Kunti’s prayer to Sri Krishna in Adi-parva
Embracing Cultural Heritage: Pride in Caste without Discrimination


“The End of Faith” – Sam Harris on Hinduism and Indian religions
Gayatri mantra rephrased in Anushtubh metre
Govinda – my favourite name of Bhagavān
Adopting the “Ṡāradā ŌṂ” for Bronze
A History of Kōmaṭi kula – Part 1
Tibetan New Year and the Hindu Calendar
A forgotten link between Chinese Spring Festival and Vasanta Ritu
Kāla-cakra – the Wheel of Time
When is Makara Sankranti in 2023?


Cosmology and Evolution in the Pān̄carātra Parama Saṃhitā
Parama Saṃhitā – Exemplary brahminical equality of gender and class
Vedic National Anthem (राष्ट्र गीता)
Comparing translation bias in the Gita 5.14
Column alignment in tables in reStructuredText
Affordable software pricing for the world
Using KaTeX with ReStructuredText for rendering math
Choosing a superset Bible having largest coverage of books
A guide to choosing Oxford dictionaries
What is life? What is a living being (jīvātma)?
Welfare state, Liberalism and Nationalism: Prof.Dr.K.S.Narayanacharya
Basic Principles of Hindu Democrats
Can Vaishnavas worship Vinayaka-Ganapati?
Zero point of various ayanamshas
Indian History According to Indians
The Hindu Star Catalogue of India
Specification of Date Formats for Indian Calendrical Systems
Hinduism or “Sanatana Dharma” as per the Mahābhārata


Merging multiple Noto fonts to single TTF font
Proof of “Idol” Worship in the Vedic literature
Swaraj and Democracy: C. Rajagopalachari
Political Ideas of a Religious Minority
Revisiting my views on economy, society and politics
Verse Count in the Mahabharata according to itself
The Five Noble A’s


Examining the Liberal Manifesto
Being Different: Gandhian Socialism vs. Western Socialism
Rediscovering Gandhian Socialism
The Vaishnava Canon of Authentic Scriptures
UTIL: Unified Transliteration of Indic Languages


Dates of Hindu festivals
Sāmānya Dharma
Ethics of Tulādhāra


My views on economy, society and politics
Building a .deb package
A dialect of C++
Rāmōpākhyāna – The Story of Rāma in Mahābhārata


Cheatsheet for “Peopleware”
A checklist for designing
What are Aṃṡāvatāra and Āvēṡa-avatāra?


Borweins’ formula for π using GMP
GitHub, GPG and a missing email address
ARM assembly programming
Unit testing and mocking with cmocka
Set up and secure Raspberry Pi
Custom input method for Emacs
ಕರುಣೆ ಇಲ್ಲದ …


जायंतेय गीता | Jāyantēya Gītā — Part 1 of 4
Quick guide to GPG
ಭೀಮನ ಪರಾಕ್ರಮ — ಕುಮಾರವ್ಯಾಸ ಭಾರತ
బాహుబలి చిత్రంలో శివ తాండవ స్తోత్రం
My reasons for being a vegetarian
In what language did Rama and Hanuman speak?
The truth behind everyday things
Password management using GNU recutils
The Nārāyaṇīya of Mahābhārata Śānti Parva – Part 2
The Nārāyaṇīya of Mahābhārata Ṡānti Parva – Part 1
Quotes from Mahabharata


Phonetic transliteration of Arabic script to Devanagari
Perso-Arabic dictionaries define Hindu as a black, thief and slave
Yates on the origin of Urdu
Saṃskṛta-subodhini – Chapter 2
Mathematical modeling of the Hindu calendar, Part 1
Quick guide to the six schools of Classical Indian philosophy
Classification of the Vedic canon
The original pronunciation of Sanskrit


ABCD – a better cd
EIFIS – Extended IAST for Indic Scripts


Use your Android phone as a USB modem


Google Transliteration IME for Sanskrit
Sanskrit News
Sloane’s Integer Sequences