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Indian History According to Indians

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I came across the work of Kota Venkatachalam, a Sanskrit and Indological scholar (1885–1959) who turns Indian history on its back. His claims seemed outrageous 75 years ago and yet as time passes by, seems more closer to reality, thanks to the advances in excavations of Sindhu-Sarasvati Civilization and inscriptional decipherment (cf. Vedveer Arya, etc.). Anyway, I thought I’d tabulate the chronology and timeline as given by him.

Event Date(s)
End of the Mahabharata war and coronation of Yudhisthira 3138 BCE
(commencement of Yudhisthira Era)
Beginning of Kali Era, disappearance of Sri Krishna 3102 BCE
Coronation of Parikshit (Kali year 1) 3101 BCE
Beginning of Saptarshi Era (Kali year 26) 3076 BCE
Rule of Janamejaya (Kali year 61) 3041 BCE
Coronation of Brihadkshana after the death of his father 3138 BCE
(Brihadbala) of Ikshvaku clan by being killed by Abhimanyu
Brihadratha dynasty, 1006 years (22 kings, Somapi to Ripunjaya) 3138–2132 BCE
Kosala dynasty, 1504 years (30 kings, Brihatkshana to Sumitra) 3138–1634 BCE
Pradyota dynasty, 138 years, (5 kings, Pradyota to Nandivardhana) 2132–1994 BCE
Shishunaga dynasty, 360 years, (10 kings, Sisunaga to Mahanandin) 1994–1634 BCE
Coronation of Magadha king Ajatashatru 1814 BCE
Siddhartha Buddha’s birth (i.e 72 yrs before Ajatashatru), he 1886–87 BCE
being 110th king of Ikshvaku clan and 24th after Brihadbala
Buddha’s nirvana at Kushinagara 1807 BCE
Rule of 29th (last) king Kshemaka of Hastinapura 1634 BCE
Rule of 30th (last) king Sumitra of Kosala 1634 BCE
Nanda dynasty of Mahapadma Nanda and Sumalya (100 years) 1634–1534 BCE
Coronation of Chandragupta Maurya 1534 BCE
Maurya dynasty (316 years, 12 kings) 1534–1218 BCE
Milinda’s rule (~500 yrs after Buddha nirvana) 1307 BCE
Rule of Kanishka in Kashmir (along with Hushka, Jushka) 1294–1234 BCE
Sunga dynasty (300 years, 10 kings) 1218–918 BCE
Kanva dynasty (85 years, 4 kings) 918–833 BCE
Andhra Satavahana dynasty (32 kings, last being Chandramas, 506 years) 833–327 BCE
Mihirakula’s rule (64th king of Kashmir) 704–634 BCE
Time of Adi Shankaracharya 509–477 BCE
Gupta dynasty (Andhra bhritya) of Pataliputra 327–82 BCE
Birth of Vikramaditya of Ujjain (Panwar or Paramara dynasty) 101 BCE
Rule of Vikramaditya of Ujjain 82 BCE - 19 CE
Commencement of Vikrama Era 56–57 BCE
Vikramaditya sends his Court poet Matrugupta to rule 14–19 CE
over kingless Kashmir in his name
Commencement of Salivahana Saka Era 78 CE
(great grandson of Vikramaditya)

The complete chronology from Chapter 65 of his book “Age of Buddha, Milinda & Amtiyoka And YugaPurana” is shown in pictures below (open in new tab for larger image)