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Welcome to my blog ! It’s mostly a collection of my thoughts and an aggregation of notes-to-self so that they’re easy to find.

A person learns from experience of making mistakes. Do not shun ignorance because ignorance is essential to perceive knowledge. Time is an unforgiving teacher. One who is steady in both happiness and distress becomes immortal.

From attachment arises desire;
From desire comes forth anger;
Anger leads to bewilderment;
From bewilderment comes loss of memory;
And by that, the intelligence is destroyed;
From destruction of intelligence, he perishes.
[Bhagavad Gītā 2.62–63, Sri Aurobindo in “The Message of the Gita”]

Enough quotes. Hopefully the articles below are more interesting. You can subscribe to the feed, browse the archives, my contemplations, search the site 🔎 or just read more about me.

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